The Upcoming Collapse of CrossFit Gyms

January 12, 2015
The Upcoming Collapse of CrossFit Gyms

Let me start off by saying this: This is just my opinion. This isn’t fact, nor is it scientific. Just my opinion.

Also let me say, while I think there’s going to be a shrinkage of the number of gyms - I do not think Functional Fitness (nor CrossFit) are going anywhere anytime soon. So this isn’t “The Upcoming Collapse of CrossFit”.

We are in interesting/exciting times in the CrossFit space. We’re seeing near exponential growth in all aspects - the number of gyms open, the number of CrossFitters, the number of things CrossFitters can buy, the number of services supporting CrossFitters, etc.

But if there’s one law of nature that bats 1.000 - growth cannot be sustained forever. And the larger the growth curve the more likely the stoppage.

The Anatomy of This Contraction

Here’s what I think will happen in the near future.

1. Gym owners will feel a pinch.

Many of you are already there. You’ve been working for years at this - and you manage to make some money - but not enough to really justify the hours and blood you spill. We know we’re all in this because we truly want to help people… but all the success stories and PR’s in the world won’t pay your rent.

2. Smart owners will grow up / adapt

There’s already owners out there who have grown up. They realize that this is a business and pay attention to it as such. They might be forced to make hard decisions.

Should I raise rates and risk pissing my friends clients off?

Do I need to change my programming and classes to encourage retention?

Those that are able to recognize the important decisions they have to make and act upon them will put themselves in a better position to succeed.

3. Gyms will close.

I’ve already seen this happen. People with every good intention in the world forced to close up shop because their business was not ready to succeed before a critical point came up. This critical point could be anything:

  • A pregnancy (expected or otherwise).
  • A lawsuit you weren’t prepared for.
  • A stress at or loss of your “other” job. (you know, the one that actually pays the bills).
  • The passing of a family member.
  • A change in the expectation or desires of a spouse.

There are literally hundreds of reasons why people might have to unexpectedly or unwillingly make the tough choice to just walk away from their baby…

4. Those that survive will prosper.

With the closing of gyms comes a reduction in supply. Sure more will pop up to fill the void, but those that survive will gain goodwill and credibility in the communities they serve, giving them a distinct competitive advantage.

Stop and Reflect

How ready are you to “survive”? Think of your business like one of your clients. We’re training them to live a life that is more likely able to survive stress. Is your business ready to survive stress of all shapes and sizes?

If not, what are you doing to make your business more prepared for tomorrow?

We ask our clients every day to put themselves in discomfort today to be better tomorrow - do you do the same for your business?

The PushPress Advantage

We’ve built PushPress to give our clients an unfair advantage in the marketplace. Every day that’s our goal and our direction.

Let me reiterate that, re-read it and let that sink in…

We’ve built PushPress to give our clients an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in the marketplace.

While your competitors are struggling to understand their business and what decisions to make - we’re building PushPress to HELP you. We’ve build this system to save you time, energy, and even brain cycles.

If you’re using a business management platform that is confusing, you’re losing ground to PushPress clients every time you interact with your system.

If you’re not being directed in the right direction by your system, you’re losing ground. If your system does not keep you on the floor of your gym where you belong, it’s failing you.

We have some exciting things in the wings that we’re working on as well to truly ensure our clients are ready to weather the upcoming storm.

We want you to see PushPress as a 50% partner in your business (with a 0% ownership stake!) - we’re that committed to your success.

Not a client yet? Sign up now and enjoy FREE membership for life*

Til Next Time,

Dan Uyemura

* you must be actively billing your customers on PushPress before our pricing plans take effect to qualify for the free grandfathering.

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