Update: November 27, 2017 - Updates and Hotfixes

November 28, 2017
Update: November 27, 2017 - Updates and Hotfixes

Everyone at PushPress wishes you a happy Thanksgiving! We hope your holidays were great! Our team continued to work hard on updates and we're happy to share another release with our community. We've been hard at work under the hood on a more tightly integrated SugarWOD integration - which we're hoping to have ready for full release next week.

New Features

  • Control Panel - Added Expiring Members report, linked from the count on the dashboard and the reports menu.


  • Member Portal - Added a color coding for "Today's" workout to clearly show which workout is todays, if there's future and past workouts shown.
  • Member Portal - Flipped order on the Track Workouts, so it shows future and today's workouts first, and past ones last.
  • Member Portal - Added ability to record a membership payment from the member profile.
  • Member Portal - Added pre-caching of outstanding Payroll items to speed up loading times of outstanding payroll items page.
  • Member Portal - Sales Tax Liability Report - Added Gross and Net columns to show income before tax and what was collected in total
  • Member Portal - Added links to prompt user to download the ios/android apps if they are using the web version.
  • Member Portal - Adjusted the calendar to refresh back to the correct view when editing a calendar event in a future year (2018)
  • API - Added caching to client settings requests of 5 minutes.
  • Zapier - Added New Registration Trigger
  • Member Portal - Changed plan subscribe button to "Purchase" if the recurring interval = 0 (non-recurring)
  • Websites - Added Amazon s3 uploading for images and videos.
  • Websites - Added caching of lead data to speed up things.
  • Websites - Added Google Analytics and Facebook Marketing conversion pixels.
  • Member Portal - Loading of Payroll items via AJAX after page load, increases page load times and results.
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