What are the Benefits of Gym Software?

January 22, 2017
What are the Benefits of Gym Software?

Do you need help running your gym or fitness studio? Sometimes more help doesn’t mean going through the trouble of hiring new employees. Instead, it might just look like having access to the best tools to fit your expanding needs. The solution? Gym management software. Because we get it - your business is constantly changing, so you need software that caters to your gym or studio. And the right gym management software helps you seamlessly grow your business into exactly what you need.Here’s how gym management software can help:

You’ll Get Organized.

With gym management software, you get the systems and processes in place to help you manage your business better. Any gym or fitness studio knows organization and automation is key to having a successful business (and not losing your mind). When systems are automated, you can spend more time working on other things that matter for your business. Get members checked into class quickly and accurately. Get members easily signed-up from a single page on your website. Offer customized membership plans. Process store payments in seconds with the ability to charge new cards or add existing cards, all from your iOS, Android, or Amazon Fire Tablet.All with one easy to use system. Hello, simplification.

You’ll Expand Your Business.

Gym management software takes your business to any level you want. Find happy clients and keep their business. When you keep things simple for guests, such as self sign-up pages directly on your website, they’ll want to come back. And from there, you can easily add recurring membership subscriptions, easy-to-use digital waivers and convenient sign-ins available on phones, tablets, and desktops. With gym management software, there’s also the ability to easily add recurring monthly subscriptions, punchcards, private sessions, courses, non-recurring memberships, drop-ins, events, and seminars. Customize your membership options and offerings tailored to what you want and need for your business goals. To make things sweeter, gym management software is a team player. Pull data from your favorite billing platforms and email marketing campaigns, keeping everything in one place. With the ability to integrate more than 500 other systems that you already use, the power is literally in your hands.

Saves Money.

Rather than adding more people to your already high payroll, why not use an all-in-one system that costs less? With PushPress gym management software, we offer two pricing plans to accommodate any stage of business. The best news? Our pricing plan starts at $0 each month with no sign-up fee. Larger gyms can select a larger suite of services at $139 per month.

Makes Things Effortless.

Who has time for complicated software programs? Not you. Put that energy elsewhere and let us do the hard work for you. PushPress gym management software manages all the ins and outs of your gym with one simple system. Quickly and easily sign people up, process payments, and integrate all your favorite systems to create one seamless solution. Get the easiest gym management software, period.Create Your Free PushPress Account Now!

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