You Just Allowed Me To Pour Myself an Adult Beverage

February 25, 2016
You Just Allowed Me To Pour Myself an Adult Beverage

Last night, I was working with Joe Dahl, the owner of one of our newest clients, CrossFit Oxnard. Joe and I were going thru one of the steps of his migrations plan. This is something we do with every new client. Doing so, I let him know we were going to handle a piece of the equation for him he was mentally prepared to spend a the next few hours on.

His reaction?

“You just allowed me to pour myself an adult beverage”.

This statement encapsulates the cornerstone of our philosophy here at PushPress.

We do everything we can to save you time, money, and stress.

Reading into this quote, I’m sure Joe had a long day coaching and being the captain of CFO. He got home, had dinner and like most gym owners was prepared to forego any personal time to devote it to working on his gym. Then he realized, he just got the night off.

What is a night off, an hour saved, or 15 minutes of stress-free existance worth to you?

Take our dashboard for example. It’s being redesigned to bring your business and actionable, important items to life for you.


We literally spend hours debating, exploring, and executing on things that can save you these precious resources. And honestly, it feels good hearing that our clients can feel that reflected in our product.

What you do with that time and/or sanity is up to you. You can train more clients. You can workout for yourself. You can do some more marketing efforts. You can spend it with your family.

Or you can have a well deserved adult beverage of your choice.

You won’t understand it until you switch to PushPress. But when you do - you’ll have the luxury of deciding what you’re going to do with your newfound time.

If you would like to talk to a consultant to see if PushPress is a good fit for you and your gym, schedule a quick phone consultation with us today.

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