Your All-In-One Is Broken part 3: Product Development

April 18, 2016
Your All-In-One Is Broken part 3: Product Development

This is an ongoing discussion about why the “All In One” business model sounds appealing but generally will leave customers in a worse place. We’re discussing this to explain our thought process behind why we decided to ditch Workout Tracking and focus on our core system. In the past, we spoke generally about this, and then we spoke about how the impacts on Customer Support.

Today we’re going to talk about Product Development.

Do You Know “The Overburdened Multitasker”?

The all-in-one. no matter how successful they can pull it off in the short run, has but one direction: The overburdened multitasker. We all know one of those people in our lives. This person:

  1. Has 12 projects going on at once,
  2. Rarely hits their deadlines as promised.
  3. Generally doesn’t get their work done well.
  4. Has a scattered look and feel about them.
  5. Is always worn out with life.

Multitasking Is Also A Fallacy.

Research has shown that people who multitask heavily often produce results subpar to those that are focused in their attention.

So why does everyone want to multitask? According to researcher Zhen Wang, we do it for two main reasons.

First, it makes us feel better about the work we’re doing (aka we’re “busy”)

[People who multitask] are not being more productive—they just feel more emotionally satisfied from their work. [sic] Students who engaged heavily in multitasking activities felt great, but their results were much worse than that of people who didn’t multitask.

Second, it makes others think we’re working harder (ego).

Another problem a study found, is that multitaskers seem very efficient from the outside, so we want to be like them. We see someone who can juggle emailing, doing phone calls and writing a blogpost on the side and feel “wow”, that is incredible. I want to be able to do that too!

Read the full article here: What Multitasking Does to Our Brains

It Starts With Focus

As we mentioned in our first article on this topic, there’s a major fallacy with an “all in one”, and that’s FOCUS.

In our world, there are two key components to your business:

  1. A backend system to bill, manage, communicate, and track your clients.
  2. A potential front end system to engage and help retain your clients.

Notice, I said potential front end system. You can live without this front end system, but you will cripple your business to live without the back end system.

We believe you want to deal with a FOCUSED back end system. One that is primarily and solely worried about making sure your back end systems are fast, and effective.

If your back end system isn’t saving you time, money and clients, then why are you using it?

Our focus is 100% on creating the best back end system we can for you, and we encourage you to work with the front end system that is 100% focused on your front end.

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