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Big News: The Brand X® Method is Now on PushPress Train

The Brand X® Method is now on PushPress Train! Drive revenue and build the next generation of strength with a youth fitness program in your gym.

Emily Beers
February 15, 2024
Big News: The Brand X® Method is Now on PushPress Train
The Brand X® Method is now on PushPress Train! Drive revenue and build the next generation of strength with a youth fitness program in your gym.

If you had “celebrate the launch of The Brand X® Method in PushPress Train” on your bingo card for this week, you’re in luck! We’re excited to announce our latest programming partner, and the worldwide youth-fitness program leader, The Brand X® Method.

Founders Jeff and Mikki Martin know a thing or two about launching a successful youth fitness program. The two founded CrossFit Kids together in 2004. They eventually rebranded to The Brand X® Method, and have devoted their lives to helping kids and teens through health and fitness. Since then, they’ve gone on to help more than 100 kids break state and national records in weightlifting and powerlifting.

The Brand X Method on PushPress Train
Great news! The Brand X® Method is now available on PushPress Train! (Photo credit: The Brand X® Method)

More recently, the Martins have focused their attention on providing a variety of youth-coaching courses. Their goal is to guide coaches toward coaching youth athletes better. Further, The Brand X® Method offers a course for gym owners to build a successful youth fitness program in their gyms.

The Brand X® Method on PushPress Train.

Now that The Brand X® Method is available on PushPress Train, it’s even easier for gym owners to offer a youth fitness program. And the Martins couldn’t be more excited about the partnership.

“One of our flagship training centers is a PushPress customer,” said Mikki. “And our Director of Business development, who has worked with other platforms, reviewed Train and came away very impressed.”

The Martins are hoping that being part of Train will prove to be beneficial for gym owners. With an ever-present need to prioritize health and fitness for the next generation, the Martins’ goal is to make the process simple. They aim to help gym owners run a successful, profitable and sustainable youth program.

“Having Brand X® programming provided through PushPress that is progressive over years, specific to age groups, and with an embedded strength program, not only helps gyms meet the growing need but also strongly supports retention in their youth programs,” Jeff said.

Added Incentive for Starting a Youth Fitness Program.

If you’ve ever considered offering a youth fitness program in your gym, the Martins have added an incentive to help you get started today.

The first 50 people to sign up for The Brand X® Method programming bundle on Train will receive a free Youth Strength Course! The course is designed for all varieties of coaches that want to start working with kids. From CrossFit coaches to P.E. teachers to parents, the program provides an overview of how to successfully implement a youth strength-training program with proven outcomes.

More specifically, the course is beneficial to all athletes’ fitness levels, from kids who have never touched a barbell to those who are more advanced. All participants will gain strength for whichever sport or activity they choose to pursue.

Starting a youth fitness program
The Brand X® Method Youth Strength Program helps athletes of all fitness levels. (Photo credit: The Brand X® Method)

“(The course) provides an understanding for why strength is a foundation for physical literacy,” said Jeff. “Which most people see as athleticism, longevity in sport, and provides a bios-psycho-social framework for implementation. Youth strength is a fast-growing sector right now and this course helps position gyms to fill a need in the market.”

Mikki explained that the Youth Strength Course is delivered online through a series of 50 videos.

“It is designed to be a complete guide to starting a youth strength program,” she said. “And is a great introduction to the Brand X® philosophy, and methodology of teaching movement to youth.”

In Summary: The Brand X® Method Makes Starting a Youth Fitness Program Simple.

There are several reasons why offering a youth fitness program makes sense for gym owners everywhere. Not only is it an opportunity to build strength and confidence in the next generation, but it can be profitable for your business as well.

“It can be a great profit center for your gym,” Jeff said. “Brand X® offers systems to make youth programs be both sustainable and profitable, while doing a great service to future generations.”

Another great benefit the Martins were adamant about: Few things are more rewarding for the coach than working with youth.

“We recognize that with adults, you can help them change their lives through fitness,” said Mikki. “But with youth, you truly help shape their lives. Helping guide young people to maximize their potential is one of the most fulfilling things you can do as a coach.”

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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