Coronavirus: Build Your Entire Year's Content During This Slow Time

January 1, 1970
Coronavirus: Build Your Entire Year's Content During This Slow Time
Below follows our Fitness Studio Content Engine. It is a system comprised of many steps, each step will be linked here to dive deeper into. This is a basic version of a more complicated Content Engine, which can (and should) be altered to fit your focus and needs in your particular situation.

Right now we're in the midst of something unprecedented. Gyms and fitness studios are being asked to close down in the wake of social distancing for Coronavirus (COVID-19). Use this slow down to get ahead in your business - to ensure you're ready for when we turn the corner on things.Building content, like everything in your business should be a framework designed to maximize output. If you're out there trying to write a blog post whenever something comes in your head, there's a better way to do it.The following is a process you can deploy to mass produce content that can be used to attract new clients as well as serve as evergreen SEO and content marketing pieces for your gym or fitness studio. It's meant to be done in a week or so, of focused effort.

The Fitness Studio Content Engine

This content engine is broken up into several key components. Each of them needs to be done in order to effectively run this framework. Please click on each topic here for a more detailed explanation.

  1. Whiteboard / Brainstorm Hot Topics
  2. Create Content Pillars
  3. Map out Supporting Content Pieces
  4. Bullet-point the Content Pieces
  5. Record Videos of Content
  6. Transcribe Videos To Text
  7. Post Text to Blog
  8. Schedule Videos and Blog Posts

Why Do You Want To Create Content For Your Studio or Gym?

If you can think back of any time you needed something as a consumer, you likely took to the Internet to find a solution to your pain point. Your potential clients are no different.Each piece of content you produce serves as a beacon to their problems. It asserts you as an authority to help them find their fitness, nutritional, self-defense or physique goals.It helps provide them with information that can help them understand if you're a good fit to solve their needs. It also allows them to start to form a connection with you and your businesses.

Content Creation as a Framework

The key to producing valuable content in mass is preparation.You need to understand the most important things your potential clients are asking and seeking on the web - then answer them.If you're producing content here and there, with no structure, you need to take a step back and begin planning your content strategy as outlined in this framework.

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