How Much is Gym Management Software?

January 22, 2018
How Much is Gym Management Software?

Our gym management software has two pricing options designed to grow with your business. Our plans start at $0/month and are designed for gyms of all size.

Gym management software shouldn’t break your bank. In fact, it shouldn’t even come close. That’s why at PushPress, we offer the most affordable pricing options out there. Geared towards any type of fitness facility, our gym management software will help your business run efficiently and stay that way. Because after all, your business goals deserve nothing short of consistent results.

PushPress Pricing

We have two pricing options at PushPress designed to grow with your business. Both plans give you access to our native PushPress apps, which include: Easy membership management, website class sign-up features, ability to schedule appointments and events, and customizable class offerings such as one-on-one sessions. Keep track of waivers and other important documents and charge members and guests when they make store purchases.  

Free Plan:

$0 - No monthly fee and zero sign-up fees. Think of this as our pay-as-you-grow plan. It’s designed for smaller gyms and studios and independent fitness professionals. If you’re billing less than $13,900 each month, this plan was made with you in mind. Our Free Plan features are fit for all your start-up and beginner needs.

Pro Plan:

$139 per month.Our Pro Plan is for larger gyms and studios. Offering all the features included in our Free Plan, this plan takes things up a notch with extra features that include:

  • Zero processing fees for customer payments.
  • Pro Coach option, a plug-in that allows for managing coach pay for advanced situations.
  • Full, seamless integrations of other systems that your gym or studio is already using, such as SugarWOD, MailChimp, Slack, and Uplaunch.

Building a business is hard enough. Using gym management software should make things easier for you, and that starts with the pricing. Have questions about our pricing plans? Schedule a Demo!

Who processes payments made via PushPress?

Our payment partner is Stripe, an affordable and reputable third-party platform. You can view specific rates by country here: https://stripe.com/pricing

How quickly can I get started?

Today! Getting started with PushPress is easier than a 2-second hold. Once you sign-up, you instantly get access to our gym management software. To help you hit the ground running, we offer instant chat messaging and tutorials to questions you might have. Our Customer Service team is there to spot you as you get things set up.

Does PushPress work for group fitness?

You bet! PushPress works for practically any and all group fitness types. Whether it’s pilates in the park or exclusively Zumba classes, we’ve got all the software features to fit your needs.

I don’t have a physical location. Can I still use PushPress?

Absolutely. If your primary source of revenue is class-based fitness, then PushPress gym management software was built for you.

What You Get

PushPress Gym Management Software does the heavy lifting for you. Our processes and systems bring efficiency and sanity to your business. With more than 500 integrations possible, you can manage every aspect of your gym or fitness studio with one simple system. Growing a business never felt so easy. Create Your Free PushPress Account Now!

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