Thinking About Switching to PushPress? Here’s What Gym Owners Say

Thousands of gym owners around the world are switching to PushPress gym management software, and couldn't be happier. Here are five reasons why!

Emily Beers
July 2, 2024
Thinking About Switching to PushPress? Here’s What Gym Owners Say
Thousands of gym owners around the world are switching to PushPress gym management software, and couldn't be happier. Here are five reasons why!

There’s a common concern we hear when gym owners consider switching to PushPress. Running a gym is time-consuming enough. No one has time for an overwhelming process.

And that’s why our goal is to make switching gym management software simple and seamless. We believe you should never settle for “good enough” when there are tools to help your gym grow and thrive.

The tools you need the team you trust
As gym owners ourselves, the PushPress team is here to help with every stage of running your gym.

But we don’t want you to take our word for it. First, here are five gym owners who’ve switched from other platforms and shared the details.

And now, let’s look at the real-life application for PushPress tools in your gym.

Five Ways PushPress is Helping Gym Owners Level Up.

Many gym owners don’t realize that PushPress helps with so much more than just billing and scheduling. Here are five examples other owners have cited where they’ve been able to build and grow their businesses.

1. Lead Nurture.

Proper lead nurture is a crucial part of gym growth. And as seasoned gym owners will explain, it’s a long-term game.

When she was with Zen Planner, Leslie Corn had to handle her lead nurture process manually. It was time consuming and prospective members got lost in the shuffle. When she switched to PushPress Grow and had the team create a fully-optimized website for her, lead generation increased immediately.

“More are coming in and they’re contacted immediately,” Corn explained.

Greg Buck had a similar experience. When he was with Wodify, he averaged around five new members mostly. After switching to PushPress, he’s up to ten and doing less work.

“Grow does the leg work for me,” said Buck. “And then I can pick up the conversation once (the lead) replies. You can still make it personal, but you don’t have to do that initial outreach.”

Chris Williams also echoes the benefits of having PushPress create his gym website.

“It was immediate. Like flipping a switch,” he said. “The minute I switched from (our old) website to the PushPress website we saw a 30 percent increase in leads, and qualified leads, in the first month alone.”

And for Robert Swartz, since switching from GloFox two years ago, his leads have increased from just to or three a month, to more than 100.

Robert Schwartz and Dan Uyemura
Robert Schwartz (left) with PushPress CEO Dan Uyemura (right) at the 2022 HSN event.

2. Ease of Use.

Whether a gym owner switches to PushPress from Wodify, Zen Planner or otherwise, there’s a common consensus. PushPress software is more user-friendly and intuitive for owners, coaches and members.

When gym owner Nick Penizotto dropped in at another gym while visiting family, he experienced PushPress for the first time. It was so much easier to use than his current software that he immediately made the switch when he returned home.

“It was just very user friendly,” he said. “Very simple to navigate and also does everything in one place.”

Corn agrees, and added that it’s also significantly easier for her to delegate tasks to her coaches.

“If a new person comes in now and wants to start OnRamp, it used to be me scheduling appointments and getting memberships set up,” she recalled. “But now coaches can schedule appointments and sell memberships.”

Pro Tip: Ready to find out about how PushPress can help you with gym management and growth? Book a demo with our team today!

3. Simple, Effective Reporting.

One of the keys to running and growing a successful gym is tracking important gym metrics. After all, how can you figure out what’s working and what to improve otherwise?

Schwartz, who tried Zen Planner and GloFox before switching to PushPress, said these metrics simply weren’t available with his previous software.

“I wanted easily-accessible, understandable and pertinent data that was clear so I could make the best decisions for my business,” he said. And PushPress Core gave him just that.

The dashboard and reports in Core help him see and understand the big picture in regard to his business finances. Plus, he can recognize and reach out to at-risk clients, which has made an impact on increasing member retention. As a result, his average LEG (length of engagement) has increased from six months to two years.

Corn has a similar story. In the past, she never felt she had “an actual clear view of everything.” But with PushPress, she can easily access important data, such as revenue numbers and gym member check-ins.

“I felt like I was always hunting around before and never got clear data before,” Corn said. “Now I can just click a button and find it.”

4. PushPress is an All-in-One Solution.

Less is more, especially when it comes to apps. The PushPress team understands that the more you can accomplish within one app, the less complicated gym management is. That’s one of the reasons Penizotto made the switch. He described the multiple platforms he was using before as “clunky.” And when he switched to PushPress, “Everything was under one app.”

PushPress all-in-one solution
PushPress helps gym owners to manage their fitness business while focusing on growth.

PushPress helps with membership invoicing, workout tracking, class scheduling, retail and more. And in many cases, the all-in-one solution can also offer a cost savings when gym owners are able to cancel other subscriptions.

For example, gym owner Cathy Adrian was recently able to cancel her SugarWOD subscription when she switched to PushPress Train for workout tracking.

3. Increased Revenue and Profit.

Ultimately, increasing gym revenue is the goal for long-term sustainability and growth. And those who have switched to PushPress say the change has helped their bottom line.

For example, Williams found that Grow helps him offer higher-ticket memberships. By using the gym CRM to communicate better with members, he’s been able to sell more personal training and nutrition coaching.

Specifically, since switching to PushPress, his ARM (average revenue per member) went from around $150 a month to $205 at one of his gyms, and $350 at another.

Buck has also seen an overall revenue increase of 20 percent each year that he’s been with PushPress. And when Swartz was able to increase his ARM from $97 to $500, it lead to an incredible 800 percent surge in revenue since making the switch.

In Summary: Switching to PushPress Makes Gym Owners Lives Easier.

Gym owners who have switched to PushPress will tell you to take the leap. Although it seems overwhelming at first, the process is easier than you think. On the other side of concern is the potential for significant growth and time savings.

Those who’ve switched are enjoying a platform that’s easy to use. They’re getting help with lead nurture and financial reporting in an all-in-one solution. And as a result, they’re seeing increased revenue and profit.

As Nick Penizotto put it, PushPress is “clearly listening to gym owners. It’s very obvious they’re listening to what they need and how to do the best.”

Robert Swartz added, “There are constant innovations. They’re always two steps ahead of me. The people who work at PushPress have the thought and the foresight to anticipate what gym owners need. And if they don’t have it yet, it’s already in the works. I credit PushPress with my business growth. It has hands-down been the catalyst that has moved me from the minor leagues of gym ownership to where I am now.”

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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