Top 10 Gym Website Examples

Check out these high converting gym websites using PushPress Grow.

Monica Hilton
August 1, 2023
Check out these high converting gym websites using PushPress Grow.

10 Examples of CrossFit Gym Websites Done Right.

Need examples of gyms that are using their fully-optimized websites to get new leads and convert them? Check these out:

1. 2020FIT.

Jon Rowley has earned his stripes in the fitness industry. In 2012, he opened 2020FIT in Prairie Village, KS. This was long before the days of gym CRMs and sophisticated systems to track gym member check-ins. Today, his gym has grown to more than 550 members, plus kids. Here's how 2020FIT won the PushPress 2023 Check-In Challenge!

202FIT in Prairie Village KS

2. All Fit Orlando.

As the owner of All Fit Orlando in Orlando,FL, Robert Schwartz wore 20 different hats, and was constantly needing new clients. Gym ownership just wasn’t as fun as he thought it would be when he opened in 2017. Before PushPress Grow, Schwartz’ membership base was around 70 to 80 people. Today, he’s at 160 members. Here’s how he doubled his membership in nine months!

All Fit Orlando FL CrossFit gym site hosting

3. Archetype CrossFit.

Matt Holden is the owner of Archetype CrossFit in Chicago, IL. After participating in the PushPress MRR (monthly recurring revenue) challenge in 2022, Holden picked up 44 new members. And all but three of them are still at his gym today. Here’s how he focused on higher-quality leads to drive growth!

Archtype CrossFit Chicago IL

4. CFT Fitness.

Chris Williams owns CFT Fitness in Tracy, CA and Altamont Performance Lab. As the owner of two flourishing gyms and using PushPress for CrossFit gym site hosting, he says he’s living the dream. Today, CFT Fitness has 200 members, with an ARM (average revenue per member) of around $200 per month. Here’s Williams’ secret to opening a second gym location!

CFT Fitness Tracy CA

5. CrossFit Cerberus.

Carl Neidholdt is the owner of CrossFit Cerberus in Blue Springs, MO. He’s proof that it’s possible to run a gym for more than a decade, and still love what you do. Today, he works a manageable number of hours each week, focusing on business and coach development. Here’s how he won the Client’s Choice Award at the 2022 Two-Brain Business Summit!

CrossFit Cerberus Blue Springs MO

6. Dominion MMA.

Rey Rodriguez owns Dominion MMA in San Antonio, TX. Thanks to PushPress, Rodriguez has been able to grow his business from 20 to 395 members. In addition, he improved his client retention and saves a ton of time on tasks that used to eat up a large part of his day. Here’s how he exponentially increased gym membership!

Dominion MMA San Antonio TX

7. Fixed on Fitness.

Kenzie Presnell and her husband are the owners of Fixed on Fitness in Milton, FL, a strength and conditioning, and functional-bodybuilding facility. The business started as an outdoor bootcamp before they opened the current location in 2008. Fixed on Fitness currently has approximately 180 members and recently won the PushPress Check-In Challenge with the highest average check-ins per member, a whopping 15.62!

Fixed on Fitness Milton FL

8. Parkside CrossFit.

When Connor Green took over two mostly failing gyms in California—Parkside CrossFit and Metcon Long Beach in 2018 and 2020 respectively—neither gym was doing very well. Today, with the help of PushPress, Green is charging $475 per month by changing his business model completely. Here’s how he’s generating revenue with hybrid memberships!

Parkside CrossFit North Hollywood CA CrossFit gym site hosting

9. Swift River CrossFit.

Aimee Moller opened Swift River CrossFit in Conway, NH in 2015. At the time, she’d never heard of PushPress. In fact, she didn’t use any gym management software. In the years since, and especially in 2022, Moller’s gym has experienced substantial growth. Last year, Swift River CrossFit grew from 170 to 230 members. Here’s how she’s consistently hitting PR revenue months!

Swift River CrossFit Conway NH

10. VIBE Boxing Fitness.

Ibrahim Funmilayo, owner of VIBE Boxing Fitness in Iowa City, IA, tried all kinds of client management software before he discovered PushPress. Making the switch, coupled with some help from LASSO, skyrocketed his revenue from $5k to $12k in just two months. Here’s how he crafted a marketing offer and increased conversion rates!

VIBE Boxing Club Iowa City IA CrossFit gym site hosting
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In Summary:

Your gym’s online presence is a critical piece of your marketing strategy. As such, your website should serve two main purposes. First, it needs to help you gain traffic through search engine optimization. And second, it must get your leads to take action.

Need help with this? The PushPress Grow team are experts when it comes to CrossFit gym site hosting. Check out the success stories above for proof, and contact us. We’d love to create a fully-optimized websites that does the work for you!

Monica Hilton

Monica is our Content Manager extraordinaire for PushPress. She also owns her gym in Indianapolis, Together We Rise CrossFit, which she opened in 2014 and previously worked in IndyCar racing.

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