Switching from Zen Planner to PushPress: “Easier Than I Thought”

Gym owner Leslie Corn switched from Zen Planner to PushPress gym management software, and couldn't be happier. Check out these five reasons why!

Emily Beers
February 29, 2024
Switching from Zen Planner to PushPress: “Easier Than I Thought”
Gym owner Leslie Corn switched from Zen Planner to PushPress gym management software, and couldn't be happier. Check out these five reasons why!

Before Leslie Corn made the switch from Zen Planner to PushPress gym management software, she admits she was anxious. As most gym owners know, switching software isn’t always an easy process.

Corn is the owner of CrossFit High Bar in Evansville, IN. She knew her gym community was used to using the Zen Planner app for scheduling classes. And she feared they might not like the change. But she also knew that her business needed help, specifically with acquiring new leads.

PushPress improves gym member experience
Gym members complete a workout at CrossFit High Bar. (Photo credit: CrossFit High Bar)

“I needed more help nurturing leads (automatically),” she said. Plus, at the time, leads were contacting her on her personal cell phone. This meant that trying to schedule time away from work seemed almost impossible.

So when PushPress offered her a clear solution, she was ready.

Switching to PushPress Gym Management Software.

In December 2023, Corn made the switch. To her surprise, “It was a lot easier than I thought.”

The same was true for her members. Not only was switching apps seamless, they’ve told her that it’s made gym life even easier.

“PushPress made it so easy,” she said. “And if there was ever was a question, or something didn’t work quite the way we wanted, there was someone right there to answer the question and help.”

As promised, the switch to PushPress instantly helped with increased lead generation and proper nurture. Corn credits this to her new, search-engine optimized website and to PushPress Grow.

“More (leads) are coming in and they’re contacted immediately,” she explained. And the best part is, when they reply and ask questions, she or her staff can take it from there.

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Five Ways PushPress Has Helped with Gym Growth.

Switching from Zen Planner to PushPress has helped CrossFit High Bar in multiple ways. Here are five examples of how Corn feels her business has benefited from the switch.

1. Bringing Back Former Members.

One of Corn’s first steps was to get rolling with PushPress Grow. Grow is a gym CRM that helps you properly nurture and convert leads. She started by segmenting her list of leads, categorizing them into groups like old leads or former members.

She then made slight tweaks to the pre-loaded, automated workflows in Grow to make the messaging match her gym’s brand voice. From there, she simply put the various segments into the correlating workflows and let the automation do its thing.

“It’s a lot easier than trying to remember who you have contacted last, and when,” said Corn.

As a result, three former members have already returned to the gym.

CrossFit High Bar gym community
Members of the CrossFit High Bar gym community. (Photo credit: CrossFit High Bar)

2. Selling Merchandise via the Store Feature.

Shortly after Corn made the switch to PushPress, the store feature was introduced in the Staff App. Prior to the introduction, Corn was using manual spreadsheet entry for product purchases. Members would record purchases in the spreadsheet throughout the month. Then Corn would manually tally the purchases and process the payments.

Now, thanks to the new store feature, staff can easily process purchases and payments. No more cumbersome spreadsheets or time-consuming manual transactions.

“It has changed our lives,” Corn said.

3. Analyzing Key Metrics with Reporting.

In the past, Corn remembers feeling like she never had “an actual clear view of everything” when it came to tracking important gym metrics.

But with PushPress Financial Reports, she can easily access the imperative data. The reports help her measure things like revenue, churn, attendance and how many people started onramp the previous month.

“I felt like I was always hunting around before and never got clear data,” said Corn. “Now I can just click a button and find it.”

4. Helping Manage Payroll.

Payroll is another area where things became streamlined for Corn when she switched to PushPress. She says things are just faster and simpler. With Zen Planner, she had to do many of the tasks manually every two weeks. And now, they’re automatically generated by PushPress gym management software.

“There aren’t as many spreadsheets floating around in my Google drive,” Corn said, laughing.

5. Improving Member and Coach Experience.

Finally, as gym owners, we know that creating the ultimate member experience is one of the best ways to increase revenue and retention. For Corn, switching to PushPress helped her do just that. She said that the ease of use allows her to delegate more tasks to coaches and free up her own time.

CrossFit onramp program
A new member receives instruction during the CrossFit onramp program. (Photo credit: CrossFit High Bar)

“If a new person comes in now and wants to start OnRamp, it used to be me scheduling appointments and getting memberships set up,” said Corn. “But now, coaches can schedule appointments and sell memberships.”

In Summary: Switching to PushPress Has Been a Game-Changer.

With a variety of gym management software options on the market, Leslie Corn was searching for the best option to help her gym grow. She needed a solution that would help with everything from billing and scheduling to lead generation and increased revenue.

PushPress checked all the boxes for CrossFit High Bar. She’s been able to bring back former members, sell more merchandise and analyze key metrics. Plus, PushPress is helping her with payroll and creating the ultimate gym member experience.

Corn is excited to see what the future brings as she continues to discover new tools and features daily. And as a company that strives to innovate and evolve, PushPress will be there to help her with every stage of running her gym.

“I’m excited to see what the rest of 2024 looks like for us,” Corn said.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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