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Incentivize Gym Members: How To Be The Gift GOAT

Offer incentives to motivate gym members and provide accountability! Here are some innovative ways to incentivize gym members.

Monica Hilton
October 24, 2022
Incentivize Gym Members: How To Be The Gift GOAT
Offer incentives to motivate gym members and provide accountability! Here are some innovative ways to incentivize gym members.

If you’re crushing it as a gym owner, membership is about so much more than just gym access. People join your gym because they need direction and a hype squad. Finding unique ways to incentivize gym members means community success and business growth.

It’s all part of an unforgettable member experience and there are multiple reasons for designing an incentive program. First, from the member perspective, you can provide motivation and accountability. From a business perspective, you can build your brand and watch your member retention rates skyrocket.

Incentivize gym members

Here are some effective and creative ways to incentivize gym members:

Create a Rewards or Loyalty Program.

Earning a reward for something you’re already doing is pretty amazeballs. And in most cases, it can motivate someone to do even more. We can apply this in the gym with a rewards (or loyalty) program, giving members an opportunity to earn points toward prizes. Here are just a few suggestions to incentivize gym members to earn points:

  1. Attending classes.
  2. Participating in monthly challenges or mini fitness/nutrition tests.
  3. Posting on social media.
  4. Inviting friends to class.
  5. Purchasing gym items (apparel, supplements, etc.)

Points can be redeemed for anything from energy drinks to higher-value, personalized prizes. You know that member who’s referred ten friends to your gym? Shower them with gifts as a thank you. This is also a great way to partner with other local businesses. Members can earn points by purchasing protein smoothies or recovery services. Or offer gift cards to these places as rewards program prizes.

Run A Gym Challenge.

Incentivize gym members with a fun challenge. Challenges are not only a break from the gym life norm, they’re intentionally designed to inspire and reward. If done right, there are a ton of benefits to running a challenge. Connect community, inspire success stories, build your brand, create friendly competition, etc. Need some ideas? We’ve got you.

Offer Milestone Incentives.

One of the best ways to motivate members is to let them know you’ll help hold them accountable. Track their gym visits and celebrate them along the way. Send them a “congratulations” text at 10 visits, 100 visits, etc. They’ll appreciate you guiding their journey and use it as motivation to keep going.

Pro Tip: Did you know you can automate milestone texts to save you tons of time? Schedule a demo with our team today to find out how!

Host Members-Only Events.

Being invited to an exclusive event gives people that celebrity vibe. Throw a members-only event that makes them feel like they’re a part of an exclusive club. The key is the exclusivity. You regularly host events that get new people to try your gym (i.e. Bring-a-friend Saturday or weekend cookouts), but make this event different. Think gratitude meets red carpet. How can you show your members that their membership is valuable to them and appreciated by you? Get creative and have some fun!

Members only event

Design A Referral Program.

When it comes to marketing, there’s not a more impactful message than a referral straight from your gym member’s mouth. Spreading the word about your gym may not always be top-of-mind for your community. So incentivize gym members by creating a strong referral program. Need some ideas? Check this out.

Appoint Brand Ambassadors.

When you think about your community, do you have a few members that you wish you could clone? Invite them to be ambassadors for your brand. If they love your brand, they’ll be great at spreading the word about your gym. Offer them incentives such as free apparel or even a small commission for new memberships they bring in.

Also, reach out to local social media influencers for collaboration opportunities. If you find the right people, incentivize them with membership to be a brand ambassador and promote your gym through their channels.

Offer Membership Renewal Incentives.

Once your members experience the results and motivation your gym provides, they’ll fall in love with your brand. This is a good opportunity to ask them for a long-term membership commitment. Whether at their gym anniversary or as an “early enrollment” incentive, make ‘em an offer they can’t refuse. Maybe they get the 13th month free with a one-year membership. Maybe it’s an exclusive discount card (15% off all apparel and supplements) with a long-term commitment. Create an offer that fits your goals and your comfort level.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind...

As you design the options to incentivize gym members, here are just a few things to note:

1. Focus On Results.

Make sure most of the incentives are related to getting your members results. Remember, when they first joined your gym, it was because they needed fitness guidance. Even though you’re creating an unforgettable membership experience, results are at the core of what you do.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask.

Not sure what will motivate your members most? Ask! Create a survey to find out what rewards are exciting or inspirational. You can also talk to those “clone” members for their suggestions. You might find ideas you would’ve never thought of on your own, or that they love your gym so much that they’re ready to promote it at any time.

3. Make It Cost Effective.

No matter what incentive programs you design or rewards you choose, keep your costs in mind. Incentives should not cost the gym more than it makes. Rewarding people is a great way to get them to take action, but avoid giving away an all-expenses-paid trip, even for your best members.

Cost effective incentives

In Summary: Incentivize Gym Members To Motivate And Inspire.

As part of building an incredible member experience, incentivize gym members to level up their motivation and accountability. From a loyalty program to renewal incentives, there are plenty of inventive ways to reward members. Whether you’re looking to help them attend classes consistently or complete fitness challenges, prioritize results first. After that, get creative with referrals, renewals and events. Brand loyalty will increase, and so will your business success.

Monica Hilton

Monica is our Content Manager extraordinaire for PushPress. She also owns her gym in Indianapolis, Together We Rise CrossFit, which she opened in 2014 and previously worked in IndyCar racing.

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