The Biggest Social Media Outlet You're Not Using

March 2, 2020
The Biggest Social Media Outlet You're Not Using

Another quick post today. Maybe this will become my new writing style. I do like how I can bang out decent tidbits quickly like this - bang for buck is always important! I noticed there's a HUGE social media opportunity for you all, and it's not TikTok. It's LinkedIn.BTW - If you get to the bottom of this, I give you the biggest gift of all. The chance to connect with me personally on LinkedIn. (That was so egotistically funny, I just had to write it)By nature, I'm a contrarian. I'm the kind of guy who likes to go to large parties, but will always find myself in the corner having a deep conversation with one friend.I like being where the people are, but I crave meaningful relationships.

Facebook / IG Is Noisy

That being said - I was thinking yesterday. Facebook, IG (and TikTok) are the equivalent of a massive party. In Las Vegas. On New Years.It's cool cause everyone's there, but it's noisy.The music is cranked to 11... you gotta shout really loud to have a conversation. The people you're trying to talk to are being distracted by go-go dancers and sparkling bottles of alcohol being run by.The introvert in me just squirmed. I think I'd rather be at home playing board games on New Years with 8 good friends and my wife. Getting to know them better. Building relationships.

LinkedIn Is The Opportunity

LinkedIn is the home party. At least for us fitness professionals it is.Better yet - I see almost zero fitness professionals using LinkedIn correctly right now. That means you have an opportunity.If you haven't listened to Greg Mack's podcast about selling, you should do that right now.In the podcast he talks about how people put up their guard the second they feel like a sales transaction is taking place.LinkedIn is seen as a Business to Business sales marketplace. If you're on there, you've likely had some "fitness sales guru" or supplement sales person contact you to sell something to your business.Everyone is aware of this, and this gets everyone's guard up.So what's your advantage?

Do Not Sell On Linked In. Give.

You are going to go to LinkedIn and not sell a damn thing. You are going to build a network of professionals in your area (your perfect client!) and then GIVE them tons of free, helpful content.Teach them about wellness, nutrition and fitness. Give them workouts to do at home for free. Engage them with dialog and help first. Don't sell a thing.This is relationship building 101. Helping first builds trust and authority. Trust and authority lead to people asking you for help.Sales is much easier when they're asking you for your services, and they only come knocking for your help, if you've proven to them you know what you're talking about.(This is exactly how we've built PushPress, on the back of helping the community frist. I can vouch that it works).In future posts, we will talk about how to build your network on LinkedIn and how to build effective content for LinkedIn.For now, understand there's a lot of parties you can spend your time at. I've been all over LinkedIn lately and understand how valuable and untapped this is. Get over there and start building your network now. Make sure you connect with me if you go!

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