The Greatness of This Community

James Plata
April 30, 2020
The Greatness of This Community

Recently we launched our $500 Cash Grant Program for Gyms and Fitness Studios to assist gyms that have been hit hard by COVID-19.  The goal of this program is to help, as best we can, our community.  Our community is comprised of small and boutique gym and fitness studio owners.

Helping is part of our DNA, and it's part of our core values.

PushPress Core Value #3: Create Real Relationships

Human beings create relationship via a number of mechanisms.  The easiest way to create a relationship with someone is to show that you care about them, and offer to help them when they need it.

We believe creating relationships is the only way to do business.  It creates lifelong customers and it forms a basis for a true mutually beneficial relationship.

Companies and people who only look to take from a relationship are not creating "real" relationships, and those relationships are fragile and easily broken.

The Greatness of Our Community

In the process of releasing this Grant program, we've seen some demonstrations of excellent human beings in this community.

These folks have replied back to my emails letting them know about the grant program letting us know that they're appreciative, but they're stable and they want to save the potential grant money for a gym that really needs it.

I wanted to give you all a personal shout out in this post but two things stopped me:

  1. There's been quite a number of you who have said this, and getting everyone in here would take some time!
  2. I am not sure if these people even want personal recognition for this gracious gesture.

But for those of you who have declined to apply because you want to keep the applications open for gyms that are in worse shape than you - we GREATLY APPRECIATE IT.  While you will go nameless and unrecognized for this great act of community, know that we see it and it's appreciated.

You are doing your part in helping this community - and we're pretty certain you're also focusing on helping your own communities!

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James Plata

James Plata is the CX Operations Manager at PushPress, a fitness-nut and hoarder of all gadgets. He brings 10+ years of experience in startup tech and fitness to help gym owners rebel against useless and overpriced software.

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