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Tired of Low Quality Leads? PushPress-LASSO MRR Challenge Proved to be a Game Changer

The PushPress x LASSO MRR Challenge (monthly recurring revenue) helps businesses in the PushPress Community thrive and grow through social advertising.

Emily Beers
June 23, 2022
The PushPress x LASSO MRR Challenge (monthly recurring revenue) helps businesses in the PushPress Community thrive and grow through social advertising.

So you desperately needed some new clients and then you serendipitously heard about the hottest new marketing company who was promising 50 new clients a month and you couldn’t resist.

You sign up and it delivers quick results: Fifty new clients the first month, 40 the next, 30 the next.

A gold mine, it feels like!

Fast forward one year, and only 20 of these 120 members are still with you, and you don’t even know how many hours of your time you gave them during their free week trial. Factor in your regular attrition, and you only have five more members now than 12 months ago.

Sigh. Back to the drawing board.

This was exactly Ibrahim Funmilayo’s fear when he signed up for the PushPress-LASSO MRR (monthly recurring revenue) Challenge at the start of 2022.

But five months later, his fears have subsided, as he has 36 new clients paying as much as $470 a month for a premium service that includes group classes, personal training, a body composition analysis and nutrition coaching. As a result, Funmilayo was one of three winners of the challenge.

Matt Holden, the owner of Archetype CrossFit in Chicago, IL was another. He managed to pick up 44 new members, and all but three of them are still at his gym today.

Matt Holden, the owner of Archetype CrossFit, pictured second from right.

How did they do it?


PushPress teamed up with LASSO, a marketing company that focuses on lead and sales system optimization and who essentially does the marketing for the gym owner.

That being said, the social ads created for gyms like Funmilayo and Holden’s during the MRR Challenge were not generic; they were created to cater to each unique gym’s brand and vision.

In the case of Funmilayo’s gym, VIBE Boxing Fitness in Iowa City, the language in his campaign promoted his premium, high cost services, rather than a discounted onboarding process as is the case with a lot of marketing campaigns. This ultimately allowed Funmilayo to attract the right people for his specific gym, he explained.

Further, LASSO also provided MRR Challenge owners with a free guide that included step-by-step guidance on how to create effective social ads, how to pick media for your ads, as well as copy suggestions that speak to your unique brand and voice, and guidance on how to use PushPress’ Grow software to capture even more leads.

VIBE Boxing Fitness owners IB Funmilayo and Tierney Wombacher

2. Advertised the More Expensive Option

Although Funmilayo did attract new members who moved right into the regular group class membership through the LASSO campaign, the campaign advertised for their higher cost, all inclusive service that includes group classes, personal training, body composition analysis and nutrition coaching.

This was effective, as it attracted leads who were expecting to pay a higher price, as opposed to dabblers looking for a cheap six-week challenge, he explained. Further, this meant that he was also able to provide a lower cost, group membership option for those who couldn’t afford upwards of $300 a month for more individualized coaching.

3. PushPress Integration

The fact that PushPress’ Core platform integrates with LASSO made Funmilayo and Holdren’s life a lot easier in terms of responding to inquiries that were coming in from the challenge.

“When someone sees the ad and they click on it, it goes straight to Grow, so we have automated messages that we were able to design ourselves,” he explained. “And then the person can book in right then and there.”

Holden added: “Grow was seamlessly integrated with my website and social media, which made lead capture and lead nurture a dream.”

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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