Update: Activity Stream Added and 4K Support!

March 6, 2020
Update: Activity Stream Added and 4K Support!

Microphone check! Is this still on?We're back! This latest code push brings a ton of backend improvements. We've made major strides in improving the speed of the system, to combat some of the reported speed issues earlier this month. Thanks to all who helped us diagnose that issue!Now for the good stuff. (New Features)

  • Activity Stream! Thanks to our beta testers, this is finally ready for release. Each action taken on a member's account is logged and now accessible in each member's activity stream. You'll see this on the member's profile in the Staff dashboard. Think check-ins, invoices paid, plans paused, etc. This is just the first phase of the plans we have in store for the activity stream.
  • You can now easily find out which leads and non-members have not set up ACH. This should arm your staff with more heads up to ask for ACH information from new leads, earlier on in the lead's onboarding process.
  • New gyms can signup for PushPress Free OR Pro during registration. (tell a friend!)

Screens - What's new in version 3.039

  • Now displays hi-rez 4k capable headshots. No more blurry images on your fancy TVs
  • Some of you were hitting the display limit of checked-in members on the screens, so we added 4th and 5th column layout to show max 45 people for classes
  • New icons to differentiate between waitlist and reserved
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Performance updates and improvements, yada yada

(here's how you can update the version of Screens you are running)Fixes:

  • Synchronized countries enabled in Stripe.
  • Check-ins search now returns results sorted by the last check-in. If there are 10 Matts at your gym, searching 'Matt' will show the most active 'Matts' at the top of the search results.
  • Admins will no longer receive recurring billing receipts. (this was a popular request!)
  • Fixed a bug allowing users to pause a subscription without a date to start pausing!

As always, THANK YOU for being leaders in your communities. Keep doing the good work and let us know how we can help!

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