Welcoming Jacob Heppner to the PushPress Team

A quick welcome to Jacob Heppner, who joins the PushPress team as Project Manager. Do you fit the mold for a PushPress team member?

Dan Uyemura
July 19, 2021
Welcoming Jacob Heppner to the PushPress Team

A quick welcome to Jacob Heppner, who joins the PushPress team as Project Manager. Do you fit the mold for a PushPress team member?

The cliche is so thick, we almost don't like to use it...

Gym Software "Built by Gym Owners for Gym Owners"

But this is tightly woven into our mantra, it is part of our ethos.  We believe there's no one who can understand that journey of a gym owner than a fellow gym owner.

For that reason, we always choose to employe people who owned gyms before to fill roles here at PushPress.

Jacob Heppner joins PushPress as a Project Manager for our Gym Management Software
Jacob rocking his dog Winston and a 2021 PushPress t-shirt

Jacob Heppner Joins PushPress Gym Management Software

While Jacob has not owned a commercial gym, he has built a full fledged gym out of a barn.

And even though he has graced the CrossFit Games floor with his athletic ability, he also has been a Project Manager for software companies in the past.  

He's also quite an entrepreneur, and we both admire and value the drive of entrepreneurs.

Jacob will be joining the team doing Project Management for some of our key software products.

PushPress Core Value #1

Our first and most important Core Value is all about our clients:

"Give PushPress Gyms an Unfair Advantage in Their Markets"

Jacob comes to the team excited to do just this.

In our short time working with Jacob, we're fired up about the energy and passion he brings to the task at hand.

The PushPress Gym Management Software team
Fittest software team on the planet, challenge us!

Would You Be A Great PushPress Team Member?

We are hiring on many front, and looking for GREAT people who care deeply about fitness and boutique gym ownership.

If you think that sounds like you or someone you know - check out our Job Listings page.

We are growing (FAST!) and great people to continue our mission of helping gyms succeed are critical to our client's' success!

Our team shares the common passions of helping people, empowering boutique fitness studios, and the love for fitness as a whole!

We prefer to work with PushPress clients who love the system, but some positions do not require that.

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