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What Makes PushPress’ Train a Leader in the Workout Tracking App Market

Whether you’re a personal trainer, group class coach, an online programmer or all of the above - Train by PushPress allows you to do it all in one place on a constantly evoling platform with innovative solutions.

Emily Beers
June 1, 2022
Whether you’re a personal trainer, group class coach, an online programmer or all of the above - Train by PushPress allows you to do it all in one place on a constantly evoling platform with innovative solutions.

Though there are a number of workout tracking apps on the market today, most apps have their niche, meaning they’re designed specifically for group class programming, like SugarWOD, or specifically for individual design, like TrueCoach.

But what if you’re both?

What if you own a brick and mortar gym and offer group class programming, but you also offer at-home programming and have a book of remote clients who follow an individualized program?

This is where PushPress’ Train comes in: A single platform that can do it all, and makes the client experience simple in the process.

  • “Our main goal around train is having a single platform, where whether you have a brick and mortar gym and you have group classes going, and you’re an online programmer…or if you’re a personal training, it’s one place where you can bring it all together and deliver your programming,” explained Adam Rubemeyer, business unit owner with PushPress.

Another Bonus: If you’re a coach you might find yourself receiving emails, texts, WhatsApp and social media questions from your various clients, spreading yourself thin and making you feel like you're always working, as you're never able to escape the questions.

  • Train solves this problem, as it allows coaches to set the expectation from their clients that this is the platform where communication will happen, and that you will, for example, respond within 24 hours of receiving a question. That way, the coach can finally unplug on the weekend without being bombarded with questions on five different platforms.

Finally: Beyond the former and the latter, Train also offers all the usual expected features of a workout tracking app, including:

  • It allows athletes to log and track their workouts and keep track of their benchmarks
  • It has a calculator which tells you exactly what you’re supposed to lift that day
  • It includes the all-important community aspect that lets you connect with others in the network
  • Finally, PushPress is in the process of building a habit-tracking and nutrition component add to Train

The Future of Train

Data Tracking and AI: PushPress is in the process of building an artificial intelligence component to Train, which will take data people input, and then the coach can use this data to improve their programming.

  • For example, “It will let them know when someone is ready to advance or struggling in a particular area,” Rubemeyer explained.

Integration With Core: Another development PushPress is currently working on is integrating Train with Core—PushPress’ classic client management system—which will be another time-saving tool for the client.

  • “There's a project in the works to combine the Core member app and the Train app into one…so the individual user will just have one (app) that they can sign up for their classes, for pt appointments, view their workouts, log their results. It’ll all be done in one place,” Rubemeyer said.

Video Library: Currently Train allows coaches to upload videos to their clients, and it also features a growing shared library that houses CrossFit benchmark workouts. That being said, they’re also in the process of growing this media library to be even bigger and more all-encompassing, saving the coach time from having to film unique videos all the time.

The big picture: Whether you’re a personal trainer or an individual design coach, or a group class coach, or an online programmer, or all of the above, PushPress’ Train allows you to do it all in one place, and it’s constantly evolving, always trying to find the solution to give clients and the business what they want and need.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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