Kill’n It: How PushPress Helped Launch a New Mobile Fitness Business

Dylan Kill launched Kill'n It Fitness in August 2023. Here's how PushPress has helped him get started, manage clients and prepare for future growth!

Emily Beers
October 11, 2023
Kill’n It: How PushPress Helped Launch a New Mobile Fitness Business
Dylan Kill launched Kill'n It Fitness in August 2023. Here's how PushPress has helped him get started, manage clients and prepare for future growth!

Earlier this year, Dylan Kill decided to open a mobile fitness business. He left the outdoor fitness company he was working for, purchased a trailer and contacted PushPress. Then, as they say, the rest is history.

Kill’n It Fitness opened in August 2023 and operates from a 12-foot trailer that houses a fully-equipped gym. Kill’s services include bootcamps and semi-private sessions in a parking lot on Daniel Island in Charleston, South Carolina.

Dylan Kill owner of Kill'n It Fitness
Dylan Kill, owner of Kill’n It Fitness in Charleston, South Carolina.

Though he only had 20 clients when he started, Kill wasted no time signing up with PushPress.

“When I sat down during that first sales call, I was very impressed,” Kill said. “I was very impressed that everyone who works at PushPress either owns or has owned a gym. So I’m not working with people who don’t know anything about what I need, and what I want with software.”

He added that in addition to gym management software, the PushPress team uses their experience to help him grow.

“They help with whatever I want,” he said.

Four PushPress Tools Helping Kill’n It Fitness Grow

1. Website.

Prior to launching his fitness business, Kill spent an abundance of time trying to design a website. He felt like he was getting nowhere until he realized his problem wasn’t how to build it.

“I was trying to figure out, ‘How do I build this website?’” he said. “And I realized I don’t need that. I need who. Who can build a website for us that can do everything?”

PushPress offers a local, search-engine-optimized website designed to turn eyeballs into leads. Further, the website integrates seamlessly with a customized and configurable gym CRM. So Kill was all set to gain new leads and convert them to clients.

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2. Customer Service.

When Kill launched his business, he used a combination of PushPress Core and PushPress Grow. Learning a new gym management software system initially seemed like a tall task. But Kill said he appreciated how easy the customer service team made it for him.

Using PushPress to grow fitness business
Kill’n It Fitness clients use PushPress to reserve spots and check in for bootcamp sessions.

“Having the mentorship, and the coaches, walk me through the process of setting up and utilizing the new software, to growing my clientele, to setting up systems… It has really helped streamline stuff,” he said.

3. Client Management.

Since Kill runs his business out of the mobile trailer, it’s imperative for him to be able to project attendance on any given day. His equipment and programming are dependent on these numbers each day, so he relies on the accuracy of class reservations.

He explained that PushPress makes this easy. Clients can easily reserve their spots and check in to class on the PushPress Members App.

“So I know how to design the workout,” Kill said.

Currently, Kill’n It Fitness sells bootcamp sessions via four-session punch cards. So it’s especially important for Kill to be able to track client visits. This way, he knows how many sessions each person has left and when they need to purchase more. Financially-speaking, this allows him to manage and plan accurately.

“I can bill them and stay on top of it,” Kill said. “Rather than being like, ‘I don’t know how many sessions you have left, so just come to one more and we’ll figure it out from there.’”

4. Tracking.

Despite only being in his first couple months of business, Kill has already added ten people to his client list.

He credits having PushPress in his corner for helping with the early days of starting a gym. And as he continues to grow, he knows he needs to focus on the important gym metrics.

Killin It Fitness bootcamp workout
Managing class reservations are crucial for equipment planning and programming.

As gym owners ourselves, the PushPress team understands the importance of staying on top of these metrics. Therefore, we’ve designed the financial reports to be easy to understand and beneficial for gym owners.

Kill explained that, from lead conversion to monthly and quarterly revenue, he knows that paying attention to each metric will be even more important as his business grows.

The Future of Kill’n it Fitness.

Kill has big plans for Kill’n it Fitness. In fact, he hopes to expand in the upcoming year and hire more coaches. He also plans to add three mobile trailers. One of which will be dedicated to corporate training, traveling to various businesses and offering on-site classes to employees.

With an overhead that's currently only $3,000 per month, Kill is confident he can get there. (In comparison, he noted that a “globo-gym” in his market was paying $40,000 per month in rent.)

Kill has also gained confidence from having PushPress in his corner every step of the way.

“I like that PushPress does everything: The app, the website, they helped me with SEO, and coaches who help with marketing,” he said. “Whatever I want to focus on, there are individuals who can help out. It’s a company run by gym owners who want to help you grow.”

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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