Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

June 2, 2020
Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Quick one today.I see a lot of people in general, and gym owners specifically posting all kinds of politically charged posts on social media.While this is 100% your right, and you can if you feel it's important - but I urge you to avoid this behavior at all costs.Why? Because you're playing stupid games with stupid people and all you will get are stupid prizes as a result.You will not:

  • Change anyone's mind.
  • Win.
  • Achieve any favorable result.
  • Advance any cause or viewpoint.
  • Grow as a person, friend or community member in any meaningful way.

You will:

  • Waste a lot of time you could use on something materially productive.
  • Train your ego to need more conflict to feed itself.
  • Attract negativity to your life.
  • Alienate 50% of the world.
  • Attract echo-chamber, small minded people to your sphere of influence.

One of our goals here is to help empower all gym and fitness studio owners to succeed in their mission of bringing fitness and wellness to their communities.Oftentimes this has nothing to do with actually running a business or our software.  This is one of those cases.Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.We want you playing big games and winning big prizes.Avoid all political discourse. Stay away from participating in arguments you cannot possibly win.  Most importantly, train your ego to find fulfillment in positive things.Let your competition play stupid games.  Let them win all those prizes.In these simple ways, you can set yourself up for higher levels of success in a way you can completely control.

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